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Our Team

Meet our Salesforce Experts

Meet our founder, Emma Keeling

Emma is 8x Salesforce certified with over 6 years of Salesforce experience.

“I am passionate about Salesforce and how it can be adopted in non-profit and small, medium enterprises to help them make a great impact in their sector – whether that is increasing support or increasing revenue, the premise is the same. Experienced in Salesforce Sales Cloud and the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), I volunteer my Salesforce skills for a number of charities, including providing Salesforce training for Supermums.  When I am not working, I spend much of my free time on continuous learning, whether that is Salesforce (I’m a 4x Salesforce Trailhead Ranger) or personal growth. I am also a mother, wife, dog and cat owner, who likes to travel, I am also a keen geocacher.  To find out more you can find me on LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter.”

Emma Keeling

Meet Tracy Bingham

Tracy is a natural problem solver who is happiest working on a project that makes a difference.  With a natural drive to innovate and exceed expectations, she thrives on variety.  Through truly understanding your business processes, she optimises Salesforce for maximum simplicity, team engagement and efficiency.  Her experience of almost 2 decades in hotel management means she has the thorough understanding of this industry, to leverage how Salesforce can deliver meaningful actionable data.

As a yoga teacher and health & wellbeing advocate, her leisure time is spent being active, in fact she never sits still for long and is always encouraging others to get up and get outdoors too!

Meet Vicki Moritz-Henry

Vicki is a life-long learner who is driven by her desire to share knowledge and make a positive impact. 

Being 13x Salesforce certified, a Marketing Champion, a Certified Instructor and with endless curiosity, Vicki loves all aspects of the Salesforce platform from marketing automation to the technical side of the platform to website/experience design. She has a background in education, academic operations and distance learning before making the move into Salesforce. Vicki loves spending her time giving back and bringing new talent into the Salesforce community. 

Based out of France, Vicki is a mum of three and can be found hiking around the volcanoes near the Puy-de-Dome when she isn’t hitting the trails on Trailhead.