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Managed Support Packages

Get advice & support from the experts

Why you might need a support package...

As your organisation blossoms, your Salesforce system needs to grow with you. 

When day rates don’t fit, our support package offers a more flexible solution for you to benefit from hourly rates to help you fix issues, manage each Salesforce release and provide guidance. 

We’ve found that some of our clients have an internal Salesforce administrator, or at least someone who knows they’re way around, but just need some expert guidance. We’re here for you too!

What is included...

Case Support

Timely, virtual support & support meetings.

Release Management

Release briefing 3X per year around the latest Salesforce releases.

Free Online Webinars

Based on topics pertinent to nonprofits and getting the most out of your Salesforce system.

Annual Health Check

An annual health check to ensure that your system is secure and you are following best practices.

Service Review

A virtual annual service review.

Pick what works for you...


20 hours per year

15 minute blocks


40 hours per year

15 minute blocks


60 hours per year

15 minute blocks


80 hours per year

15 minute blocks

*Get in touch for prices.

Are you ready for the next Salesforce release?

The Spring’24 release will be out in February 2024 with the latest and greatest updates from Salesforce! 


*Note that this date currently reflects the 9th February 2024, the last major release weekend for when the Release could be pushed to your production instance. You’ll want to check out Salesforce Trust to find out exactly when the changes will be rolled out for your specific Salesforce instance. 

Organisations we've helped so far...

How can we help?

Are you interested in getting started with Salesforce or improving an existing Salesforce instance? Maybe just a little extra monthly support? 

Fill out this form and we’ll be in touch to set up a time to chat.