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Emma KeelingMy name is Emma Keeling, and I am the director of Hazledene Solutions.  I have 4+ years experience in Salesforce, 14+ years experience in hospitality, 4 x Salesforce Certified, and I am passionate about Customer Relationship Management (CRM), database management, process automation, enablement, increasing productivity, and more importantly sharing this with others.

After resigning from my role as the Global Product Manager for Sales & Catering at the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), I have launched Hazledene Solutions, a Salesforce and Delphi.fdc consultancy.  I focus on providing solutions for Hotels and SMEs, both inside and outside of the hospitality industry.  These solutions include supporting the needs of Administrators and Users through consultancy, training and administration management.



Setup Salesforce from Scratch

I engaged with Emma to help me set up Salesforce from scratch. I knew I was capable of the basics but I wanted to get Salesforce up and running as soon as possible so that I could move onto doing my actual day job! Emma was absolutely super. We covered everything from pre-meeting requirements, to the actual set up day, choosing the right categories for the pick boxes (I hadn’t even thought about that!) to importing data, creating report structures and what the actual appearance of each page should be. We managed it and I am super happy with the result. Believe me when I say…you think you can do it on your own, why bother when you can engage an TRAILBLAZER (expert to you and me!) and have it done in a fraction of the time and probably a fraction of the cost (of my time) too. Don’t think about hiring Emma…do it, you know it makes sense.

Gayle Martin

We were lucky to find Emma

Understanding the more complex part of Salesforce is beyond the skill set of most small nonprofits. Configuring work flows and building work flows is something best left to professionals. We were lucky to have found Emma through the Taproot Foundation. She was easy to work with, an excellent communicator, and ensured that she had a full understanding of our actual objectives, not just our specifications. Managing the donations that we receive each week via social platforms is critical in building a sustainable support system. Emma helped us create a system whereby we are able to track and understand our donations and communicate with our donors in a timely and effective manner.

Skip Winitsky

I can’t recommend you enough

Emma came over to InterContinental Malta to help train the new sales team members and remind the old the best ways to use Delphi. I must say it was fantastic, very detailed but easy to understand she adapted to all our needs without hesitation. Thanks Emma once again! and I can’t recommend you enough 🙂

Stephanie Alden

Excellent Delivery of Training

Excellent delivery of training to a team with a wide skill set from beginner to years of experience. Every member of the team took a great deal out of the sessions. Emma went the extra mile utilising her wide network of contacts to support future utilisation of the platform. She is a expert in her field would highly recommend.

Luke Balcombe

I would very happily recommend

I would very happily recommend Emma as a consultant for an SFDC configuration/installation. She is very knowledgeable about the subject and gets a good grasp of the brief quickly. She then will make suggestions to improve the end result with ideas and features of which I was ignorant. This has left us with an SFDC Lightning instance that has the functionality built in for us to use when we get more user experience and want to get more out of the tool. Emma is happy, chatty and conscientious. Nothing phases her and she clearly likes to help people to learn as well as “just get the job done”.

Richard Gleeson

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