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Salesforce World Tour London: AI Day and the Trailblazer Community

World Tour London Awesome Admins
Last Thursday marked a significant date on the Salesforce UK calendar, as Salesforce World Tour London made its return. Held at ExCel London on June 29th, 2023, the event brought together thousands of trailblazers. The theme of the event was ‘AI Day,’ with a specific focus on how artificial intelligence (AI) can drive organizational success.

A Day of Keynotes, Breakout Sessions, and Labs

Salesforce World Tour London featured a series of keynote presentations, breakout sessions, and hands-on labs, many of which revolved around AI-related topics. The event format was remarkable, and I attended with the intention of networking and immersing myself in the world of the blue cloud for an entire day.

From the MEGA One Community Event to Salesforce World Tour London

Still riding the wave of excitement from the Salesforce MEGA One Community Women in Tech event the previous night, I left the shipping container that served as my accommodation (Snoozebox near the Olympic Park, highly recommended!) and met fellow trailblazer Mark Jones on the DLR. Together, we made our way to Custom House stop for ExCel London.

Delivering Success as a Salesforce Admin: Interview on Stage Four

My first stop was meeting the incredible Gillian Bruce (Principal Admin Evangelist at Salesforce), Juliette Warren (Director, Admin Marketing), and Rebecca Saar (Senior Director, Admin Relations). We had an interview spot on Stage Four of the Content Pavilion, where we demonstrated how to deliver success as a Salesforce Admin. I aimed to inspire others by sharing my journey from Corporate Hospitality to Nonprofit #AwesomeAdmin and Consultant. Our session filled up quickly, despite delays on the Elizabeth Line, and the demo went smoothly. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the supporters in the audience, especially my rockstar collaborator Tracy Bingham, who continues to inspire me every day. When you’re on that stage, having your tribe there to support you alleviates any worry about making mistakes, as you know they’ll cheer you on regardless!

Networking and Keynotes: The AI Focus

With the interview successfully completed, I made my way to the keynote, where I had the chance to meet many members of the trailblazer community along the way… The keynote was heavily focused on AI, which was both exciting and slightly unnerving. It felt like everything had an AI component, and I’m eager to see how this latest technological revolution can benefit even the smallest nonprofits, despite the significant mindset shift it requires. Apart from the AI discussions (which you can catch up on Salesforce+), I particularly enjoyed hearing about Salesforce’s continued commitment to Pledge 1%. The achievements of 1% Equality, reaching $621 million, 1% Time, reaching 8.1 million hours volunteered, and 1% Product, reaching 54,000 nonprofits, were truly inspiring. The highlight of the day came during the keynote’s conclusion when Todd Halfpenny received the golden hoodie award. I want to extend a big thank you to Todd for everything he does for the community. I highly recommend watching his Trailblazer video for a glimpse into his inspiring journey.

Engaging with the Nonprofit Community and Feedback to Salesforce Leadership

After locating the nonprofit lodge (more like a function side room on the third floor), I had the opportunity to chat with Mike Wolff, EVP & CRO for, and Lori Freeman, GM & VP, Salesforce for Nonprofits. It was great to provide feedback to Lori on some recent questions from the nonprofit ecosystem and feel genuinely heard. I also appreciated the chance to share feedback on the Nonprofit Cloud partner webinars and how the Q&A sessions have been excellent. It’s rewarding to have the opportunity to share this feedback with the Salesforce leadership team.
Emma Keeling, Lori Freeman, Debbie Bernadie, Mark Jones
Debbie, Mark and I meeting with Lori Freeman

Networking and Making Plans for the Future

I had a wonderful time throughout the day, spending much of it with Debbie Benadie, a Salesforce Administrator at the nonprofit PSP Association. It’s great to hear about their challenges and we engaged in numerous product discussions and even made plans for a face-to-face nonprofit coffee chat meet-up. We hope to bring together members of the Salesforce Midlands virtual nonprofit community group for an in-person session. While I continued to network and find a place to rest my tired feet in the Trailblazer forest, Debbie attended a Nonprofit session hosted by Lori Freeman and her team, focusing on the new Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud. It’s fantastic to see these messages being shared with customers and giving them the opportunity to ask questions about the future of Salesforce for nonprofits.

The Joy of Meeting Virtual Community Trailblazers in Real Life

The joy of meeting many of my virtual community trailblazers in real life continued, and it’s truly amazing how many connections I continue to make virtually. The embrace shared when finally meeting the individuals who have supported me along the trail is an incredible experience.

A Truly Impressive Event

Overall, Salesforce World Tour London was a truly impressive event. Where else can you find inspiration, network, collect swag (including a chance to win enormous character plushies), take home a Codey bear, and fully immerse yourself in the Salesforce ecosystem outside of San Francisco?
The Trailblazer Community at World Tour London 2023

Gratitude to Sponsors and Appreciation for the Community

Lastly, I want to express my gratitude to the sponsors of the networking breakfasts and after-parties. Although I couldn’t participate in the further networking breakfasts and parties due to other commitments, I know they were enjoyed by many in the community. Community lies at the heart of a true trailblazer’s world, and these initiatives for growing those connections are truly appreciated.

Looking Forward to World Tour London 2024

As I reflect on the incredible experience of Salesforce World Tour London 2023, I can’t help but feel a sense of anticipation and excitement for what lies ahead. The event was a testament to the power of technology, community, and innovation, and I can’t wait to see what Salesforce has in store for us next year.
With each passing year, World Tour London continues to grow and evolve, bringing together trailblazers from all walks of life to connect, learn, and inspire one another. The opportunity to delve deeper into the world of AI, explore the latest advancements in the Salesforce ecosystem, and forge meaningful connections with fellow trailblazers is something I eagerly look forward to.
I’m already looking forward to Salesforce World Tour London 2024. It’s an event that fuels my passion for technology, empowers me to make a difference, and reminds me of the incredible potential we have to shape the future.
Until then, I’ll continue to blaze my own trail, exploring new ideas, embracing innovation, and building connections within the Salesforce community.
See you at World Tour London 2024!

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