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Celebrating Women in Tech: The Salesforce Community MEGA “One Community” Event

OneCommunity Women in Tech Community Group June 2023
Last Wednesday, I had the incredible opportunity to attend the Salesforce community MEGA “One Community” Women in Tech event. The event brought together professionals from Salesforce, Tableau, MuleSoft, Slack,, and Trailhead to celebrate women and allies working in the tech industry. With a lineup featuring a Women in Tech panel, roundtable discussions, and plenty of networking, the event truly exceeded expectations.

Inspiring Insights: The Women in Tech Panel

One of the highlights for me was being part of the Women in Tech panel alongside four inspiring women from the “One Community” ecosystem. The panel included Louise Lockie, a Salesforce MVP and leader of the London WIT Group, Priya Padham, a Tableau Visionary, and Supriya Pawar, a Mulesoft Mentor. Our interviewer, Adele Hawkes, the Communications Director for Trailhead and Ecosystems in EMEA at Salesforce, guided us through an engaging discussion.

The Power of Community: Insights from Louise Lockie

Our goal was to inspire the attendees through our insights and audience participation, and I’m delighted that our efforts were well-received. One standout moment was when Louise Lockie emphasized how the community is a labor of love. It serves as a platform for making meaningful connections, whether it’s finding a mentor, making new friends, or seeking support for challenging issues. I couldn’t help but admire Louise’s dedication to hosting the Salesforce London Women in Tech community group and strongly encourage anyone in London to attend one of her highly recommended events.

Overcoming Challenges: Personal Stories and Reflections

During the panel, I shared personal stories of the challenges I faced, particularly at a Women in Tech event in Nottingham. Despite encountering negative voices urging me to abandon my dream of transitioning from the corporate hospitality world to become an independent consultant, I persevered. I vividly remember the moment when a fellow attendee lifted my spirits and reassured me that I had the potential to succeed. Now, nearly four years later, I find fulfilment in supporting non-profits and fostering connections within the Salesforce community.

Promoting Inclusivity: The Importance of Gender-Aware Language

We also had an interesting discussion on the importance of gender-aware and gender-neutral language. It became apparent that many attendees did not respond favourably to the collective term “guys.” As alternatives, we suggested using inclusive terms such as “everyone,” “people,” or “all.” One attendee shared her perspective on not wanting to disclose her pronouns as she didn’t want to be solely identified by her gender in the room. She emphasized her desire to be recognized for who she is as an individual. This led to profound contemplation, and I found myself reflecting on a similar sentiment and considering it further.

Valuable Networking and Insights: Roundtable Sessions

The roundtable sessions provided a valuable opportunity to engage in discussions on various topics, including certifications and strategies for advancing careers within the ecosystem. They also allowed for networking, where I had the pleasure of connecting with Claire Jones, a fellow Community Group leader. Our conversation revealed remarkable similarities in our backgrounds and aspirations.

A Resounding Success: Reflections on the Event

The event was a resounding success and will remain etched in my memory for years to come. It served as an excellent prelude to “World Tour London,” and I strongly believe that we should organize more events like this in the months and years ahead.

Expressions of Gratitude

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the entire Salesforce Community team for organizing such a remarkable event. I would also like to thank Salesforce leadership, Stuart Mills and Jo Pettifer, for their invaluable support and introductions. Without their dedication, this event would not have been the success it was.

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