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London’s Calling 2023

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On Friday, June 9th, I had the pleasure of attending my fourth London’s Calling event, which has become my favourite event of the year. London’s Calling is an incredible community-led gathering for Salesforce professionals, drawing in over 900 attendees in person in 2023. This full-day event offers multiple tracks of Salesforce learning tailored to various roles within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Why did I attend?

The primary reasons driving my attendance at the event are networking and learning. Additionally, this year, my collaboration partner Tracy and I were fortunate enough to be speakers. Oh, and let’s not forget the ever-changing London’s Calling t-shirt, which is always a delightful keepsake.

Excellent networking opportunity…

Let’s begin with networking. Where else can I meet so many fellow Salesforce community members face-to-face? London’s Calling is always filled with familiar faces from the online world, and this year was no exception. It was a joyous occasion to finally give incredible individuals like Kathy Waterworth, Mike Reynolds, and Talia Johnson a warm embrace for the first time. These individuals have provided invaluable support over the years, whether through coffee chats, sharing information on Twitter, or simply alleviating the “doom scrolling” that often plagues social media. I also had meaningful conversations with many of my clients and expanded my network, discussing ongoing and future projects, exchanging knowledge, and building relationships. The pleasant weather and the fantastic outdoor space made networking a breeze, and the evening event allowed me to engage in conversations with a cider in hand.

Great Opportunities for Learning

With such a wide range of sessions covering diverse topics, there were more options than I could personally attend during the day. Fortunately, all the sessions were recorded, and I could rest easy knowing that I can catch up on them later. They are available on the event app and will be accessible on YouTube in a couple of months.

Here are the sessions I did attend:

  1. Leading with Data: How CRM Analytics Can Help You Make Better Decisions – Chris Taylor did an exceptional job showcasing CRM analytics. It’s always exciting to learn more about a tool that I have limited knowledge of.
  2. Embrace Flow – 5 Top Tips for Admins with a Non-Technical Background – Claire Wingate delivered an outstanding session, and I can’t wait for it to be available on YouTube so I can share it with a wider audience. The enthusiasm was contagious, and Paul Ginsberg and I may have even joined her on stage for a little singsong at the end.
  3. 3 Steps to Implementing DevOps Center Successfully – Adrian King provided a clear roadmap for adopting the replacement to Change Sets. I’m certain I’ll refer back to this session in the future.
  4. Moving Permissions Away From Profiles: A Scalable Approach – Mike Reynolds’ session was so popular that it was standing room only—I even ended up sitting on the floor near the stage! As permissions will transition from profiles to permission sets in Spring ’26, this session was invaluable in learning how to manage the transition in organizations of any size.
  5. The First Five Features to Check Out in a New Client’s Org – Kathy Waterworth was a rockstar during this session, and even I learned some tips on what to prioritize. And to top it off, she brought Canadian chocolate!

Mike Reynolds London's Calling 2023

The London’s Calling team did a remarkable job selecting excellent speakers. Every session was packed with valuable content, showcasing the knowledge and expertise of the presenters. Each session left me with new ideas on how to better support my clients on their Salesforce journey.

Knowledge Sharing

Tracy and I had the opportunity to present on “Cultivating DESIRE in Every Salesforce Project,” which was an absolute blast. Tracy’s DESIRE concept was well received, and it was a joy to share our learnings with a full room of attendees. I hope everyone took away something valuable to help foster DESIRE

Cultivating DESIRE in Every Salesforce Project

After Party

In addition to the enriching learning experiences, London’s Calling 2023 also offered plenty of opportunities for enjoyment and entertainment. The event featured comedian Mark Watson as the headline act, ensuring a delightful evening of laughter. Following the entertainment, attendees gathered at the after-party, where a live band and refreshing drinks created a lively atmosphere. This provided yet another chance to network, unwind, and have some fun with fellow participants.

Who’s attending 2024?

London’s Calling 2023 truly was an exceptional event. If you can only choose one Salesforce event to attend in 2024, I highly recommend this one. The location, venue, and speakers were all top-notch, providing an unparalleled experience. The event offered a plethora of networking opportunities, a wealth of valuable content, and an overall atmosphere of enthusiasm and collaboration. It’s difficult to find anything not to love about London’s Calling.

If you were also present at the 2023 event, I would love to hear about the sessions you attended and any recommendations you might have. Feel free to share your insights and let me know which sessions stood out to you as must-watch ones!

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