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Building Long-Term Relationships with Salesforce NPSP & Marketing Tools

Marketing Automation

Engaging with people is an important part of any non-profit, building relationships with donors, constituents and advocates is key to moving forward in your mission. 

The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) comes complete with tools needed to help you manage engagement. This allows your organisation to build deeper relationships, track those relationships and measure the outcomes. Salesforce also allows for integration with marketing tools, such as Campaign Monitor and Mailchimp, or Salesforce native tools such as Pardot and Marketing Cloud. These offer a range of functionality designed to help you engage with your supporters. Let’s dive into those a little deeper…

Campaigns, Levels & Engagement Plans

  • Campaigns allow you to group people together in your database so that you can give them a specific call to action and allow you to track the results. For example, you might want to track the response to a fundraising campaign or signups for a volunteering event. Campaigns allow you to bring together your constituents (leads or contacts) and money (donations/opportunities) into one place so that you can analyse the results. You could look at how many people responded or how much money did you raise? You can have a hierarchy of campaigns to allow you to see how successful each element of a campaign was. For example, did your first email have more success than the second? Campaigns can also be used for event management and program registration. For one element of NPSP, they have so many use cases!
  • Levels give you a way to track your constituent’s engagement and commitment based on criteria. For example, the number of hours they volunteer, or the total gifts they have given.  Maybe they have volunteered for 20 hours this year so they are at Bronze Level. Once they reach 35 hours they are at Silver level and at 50 hours they are at Gold level. Using this information, you can recognise those milestones and identify how to interact with these constituents. You can continue developing the relationship and further boost their commitment to your cause. 
  • Engagement Plans allow for a standardised set of tasks to be laid out for your users to help them engage with your constituents. These are commonly used for managing Major Donors, however the flexibility of NPSP allows you to use them for any use case. Major Donors are a good example, as they commonly require a higher level of engagement than other donors to ensure they continue to give to your cause. An engagement plan allows your team to follow a standard set of tasks, for example, giving them a call every other month, scheduling a lunch, sending season’s greetings and so forth, with the outcomes of these tasks recorded in Salesforce. 

Marketing & Email Automation 

Whilst Campaigns, Levels & Engagement Plans are hands-on for your team, you can automate communication using solutions such as Pardot and Marketing Cloud.  

Pardot (now called Marketing Cloud Account Engagement) is ideal for organisations looking to automate funding asks and tracking the success of fundraising campaigns. It can also be used to manage volunteers, for example for onboarding journeys, and for measuring engagement, for example attendees at webinars and events – it even has a connector with Eventbrite. 

Marketing Cloud is a more robust solution with additional tools to allow you to manage your relationships. For non-profit organisations, Salesforce offers access to Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits, which is designed to help organisations get started to create personalised email templates and constituent email marketing journeys, enabling you to start your automated relationship building even faster. 

Do you need help utilising the engagement tools in your NPSP org or are you interested in automated marketing? Contact us

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