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How to extract contact inquiry/booking data from Delphi.fdc

Do you need to know how to extract contact data for previous inquiries/bookings from Delphi.fdc? The below article aims to help you get the data you need.

Important: When following the below steps, please be mindful of GDPR, or any other local marketing rules.  Marketing rules are complex and differ from country to country. When using any system for marketing purposes, you must ensure you are in compliance with your local marketing rules.

Knowledge Level Required: Intermediate: This article assumes that you have some knowledge of the Delphi.fdc (Salesforce) reporting functionality.

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Depending on how you utilize Delphi.fdc will depend on the best approach to extracting contact inquiry and/or booking data. 

If you convert all inquiries to bookings, or you do not use the inquiry functionality and always start with a booking then the process is much simpler.  You only need one report, and you can use the “out of the box” Business Contact Listing Report which came with your Delphi.fdc as standard.  This report can be found in the Reports tab, where you can search for Business Contact Listing Report.

Business Contact Listing Report

The Business Contact Listing Report can be set to show all bookings, for an arrival time of your choosing, and is grouped by Contact: Full Name – and it includes mailing, phone, email also blended revenue totals for all of that contacts bookings.  You can filter this report further – for example by booking status – if required.

Business Contact Listing Report

If you always start with an inquiry and you want to include these prospects in your list of contacts, then I would suggest you start with The Business Contact Listing Report – as above – and also create a custom report to show the contacts attached to your inquiries.  I am going to call this report the Inquiry Contact Listing Report.  This report will give us all Inquiries where the contact lookup field has been completed – and we can filter out those inquiries which have been converted to bookings.

Create a new report, use the report type “Inquiries with Contact”.  (Reports Tab > New Reports Button > Inquiries with Contact > Create)

Add a filter for Status not equal to “Qualified” (which will remove any inquiries converted to bookings)

Drag and drop from the left hand side to add fields for Contact Last Name, Contact First Name, Inquiry Name, Status, Arrival Date (or similar), Account, Email, Phone.

Unlike the Business Contact Listing Report you can’t group by full name, so I would suggest grouping by last name, and looking in the groups for any duplicates.

Inquiry Contact Listing Report

I have not included a report for any Inquiries where the contact has not been created and their details remain in the temporary fields.  These contacts are likely to be unqualified, and never moved passed the initial prospecting or shopping stage.  They are likely to be of very limited sales value.  If you did want to report on these, you would need to create an Inquiry report using the “Inquiries” report type, and include the fields for First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone fields etc – these are the temporary fields.  In order to exclude any inquiries where the “contact” is complete (as they would be in the Inquiry Contact Listing Report) you could add a filter for where the “Contact” equals blank.

If you need further support on how to create reports in Delphi.fdc, take a look at the Amadeus Training & Help Reports Topic, or contact me and arrange a 1 on 1 training session.  If you found this article useful, please share with your colleagues via social media, using the links below.