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Data Illumination: Seeing the Essential with Salesforce Indicators

Understanding important data quickly can be a game-changer for organizations. That’s where Salesforce Indicators comes in. It uses coloured icons to make essential information stand out, helping teams focus on what matters most. When the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain needed a way to easily show key donor numbers to their fundraising team, they found a free solution with Salesforce Indicators, a product member of the Open Source Commons.

Highlighting Key Data on Records

While a contact record holds a wealth of information, finding a specific piece of key information can be time-consuming and even frustrating for users. Salesforce Indicators solves this by allowing users to instantly see the most crucial details at a glance. With customizable indicators, teams can choose which key data points to highlight, streamlining their workflow and decision-making process.

Straightforward Setup

Setting up Salesforce Indicators is straightforward, thanks to the readily available training resources and optional training indicators for the installation. The organization’s Salesforce System Administrator can configure multiple indicators without writing code and integrate them seamlessly into their Salesforce Lightning Page through a Lightning Web Component.

Using Salesforce Indicators at NYO: A Case Study

For the National Youth Orchestra (NYO), this meant placing the Indicator Bundle prominently on the right-hand side, above their activities. This strategic placement ensures that fundraising teams can easily reference donor profiles while reviewing contact records. Plus, with dynamic form settings managed by the Salesforce Administrators, the bundle intelligently adjusts its visibility based on the contact’s donor status. This flexibility ensures that relevant information is always at the team’s fingertips, without cluttering their workspace.

Screenshot of Indicators on righthand side of Salesforce Contact Page Layout

Data Illumination

The fundraising team at NYO experienced significant benefits from the streamlined setup of Salesforce Indicators. With indicators seamlessly integrated into their Salesforce Lightning Page, they gained quick access to crucial donor information. For instance, they could easily identify whether a donor had opted into receiving mailings, prompting team members to request opt-ins during phone donation calls, thereby maximizing touchpoints. Additionally, they could readily identify regular donors and express gratitude during calls. This enhances donor care and engagement. This efficient and intuitive setup empowered the fundraising team to optimize their interactions with donors, ultimately driving stronger relationships and support for the organization’s mission.

Salesforce Indicator Donor Profile

“Indicators offer a brilliantly straightforward way of displaying key information about a Salesforce contact at a glance, whether it’s their consent status, level of giving or engagement with a programme – entirely bespoke to our organisation’s needs.” Tim Foxon, Finance & Operations Director, National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain

Key Takeaways:

  1. Information at a Glance: Salesforce Indicators offers organizations the ability to access crucial information at a glance. With customizable indicators, teams can quickly discern key data points, enabling swift and informed decision-making.
  2. Enhanced Decision-Making: By streamlining data visualization, Salesforce Indicators facilitates enhanced decision-making processes within organizations. Teams can easily identify trends, patterns, and insights, leading to more strategic and effective actions.
  3. Consistent Approach: The versatility of Salesforce Indicators allows for a consistent approach to data visualization across various objects, such as accounts, contacts, and opportunities. This uniform setup ensures that users become familiar with where key information will be surfaced, promoting efficiency and coherence throughout the organization.

In conclusion, the success story of the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain showcases how Salesforce Indicators can revolutionize data management and decision-making. By providing quick access to essential donor information, Salesforce Indicators empowered the organization’s fundraising team to enhance donor interactions and improve overall efficiency. This streamlined approach to data visualization offers valuable insights for organizations across sectors. This helps them make informed decisions and achieve their goals with confidence.

Why not try it for yourself?

We encourage readers to consider implementing Salesforce Indicators in their own organizations. Whether you’re a nonprofit seeking to deepen donor relationships or a business aiming to streamline operations, Salesforce Indicators offers a user-friendly solution to unlock the power of your data and drive success.

Ready to elevate your organization’s data visualization game? Take Salesforce Indicators for a spin! Install it into your Salesforce Developer Org, Sandbox, or Trailhead Playground and experience its power firsthand. The Salesforce Indicators team is eager to hear about your success stories and how Indicators have contributed to achieving your organization’s goals. Join the conversation, ask questions, and share feedback in the Salesforce Indicators Community Group.

An App You Can Trust

Salesforce Indicators undergoes rigorous security scrutiny. As a managed package, it has undergone thorough security reviews conducted by Salesforce. This is just like any other App on the Salesforce AppExchange. Installation, along with other valuable applications from Open Source Commons, is facilitated through’s MetaDeploy installer. This process provides organizations with the assurance that every component has been meticulously checked for security compliance.

Want more info?

For more information about Salesforce Indicators, visit the dedicated Salesforce Indicators Salesforce.Org Commons site. Here, you’ll find comprehensive details on installation, setup, and leveraging the full potential of Salesforce Indicators to drive your organization forward.

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