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Top Items for Nonprofits in the Summer ’22 Release

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The Salesforce Summer ’22 release is right around the corner…

and, as always, it’s feature-rich for both Salesforce admins and users.

Before we dive in, let’s address the question of when your release will take place. The major release weekends are May 21st 2022, June 4th 2022 and June 11th 2022. You can check when your instance of Salesforce will be updated by visiting Salesforce Trust. If you don’t know your instance, your Salesforce Admin can find this in the company information in Setup within your Salesforce instance.

Now to dive in…here are our top picks for Nonprofit users:

Account and Contact Sustainer Fields

A question we are always asked is how you can see the status of a recurring donor. This is now easy with the addition of the Sustainer fields. These allow the tracking of the recurring donor status at the Account and Contact level. The field indicates whether the donor is active, lapsed or a former recurring donor.

Import or Enter Tribute Gifts

Do you have a need to enter tribute gifts during Gift Entry or an NPSP Data Import? Well, now you can! These have been added to the NPSP Data Import object map to allow for easy data capture.

Program Management Module Updates

For those of you using PMM, you will know that the Attendance Component is a challenge. This release focuses on the Attendance object with new functionality for improved filtering (i.e. filter out withdrawn or waitlisted), improved sort ability (i.e. by surname) and the ability to track attendance for different services.

For those using Experience Cloud with PMM, the addition of the Recent Sessions and Bulk Service Delivery Tool components may also be a welcome feature.

Grant Management Updates

Grant Management has also seen some nice updates with the ability for grantseekers to be able to invite collaborators to help complete a grant application, and external reviewers to be able to review funding requests in the grants portal. The grants portal users can now see the same Review Workspace as you have configured in Salesforce.

Key Sales Cloud Updates for Users

Outside of nonprofit specific updates, we have also seen two very welcome additions for Salesforce users.

A new report type selector should help users create reports as you can now view related objects and fields at the point of report creation. No more having to create the report, add fields, and then realising you have the wrong report type and needing to start again!

Dynamic Related Lists is another overdue update, with the ability for your admins to configure related lists with the data you want to see. For example, do you want to show only Closed Won Opportunities in a related list, or have a custom label for the list, do you want to show a limited number of records? Well now you can…and all with clicks not code.

Finally, there have been a wealth of automation updates, so many that flow yet again gets their own release preview session. If you are a Salesforce Admin, you will want to check out the enhancements.

To take advantage of any of these features, configuration may be required by a System Administrator. Speak to your Salesforce admin or contact us if you need support.

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